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  • external link

  • Arnold Vahrenwald on Online Arbitration external link
    Prof. Ph.D. Arnold Vahrenwald's study on 'Out-of-court dispute settlement systems for e-commerce' was written for the European Commission in 2000/2001. This part deals with arbitration, and it covers national and international aspects in a comprehensive manner.
    [This is a PDF file, 1.2 MB, 257pp.]

  • Center for Information Technology and Dispute Resolution external link
    University of Massachusetts.

  • clickNsettle external link
    A wholly owned subsidiary of NAM (National Arbitration and Mediation), a national (USA) provider of arbitration and mediation services and electronic case management software.

  • Cybersettle external link
    An independent online claim resolution system, that settles claims by matching offers and demands, in the blind, via a password- protected, network-secured Web site.
    [Insurance, personal injury, property damage and other disputes.]

  • / eResolution (archive only) external link
    eResolution ceased handling UDRP disputes in December, 2001.
    ICANN policies and rules require that all Domain Name decisions be publicly available. The cases available at this link here were decided by eResolution panelists and were originally posted at the eResolution site.

  • Domain Magistrate external link

  • E-Arbitration-T external link
    The E-Arbitration-T Project will develop a new infrastructure based on telematic applications to simplify the process of resolving conflicts that may arise in commercial relationships between SMEs or by the use of new technologies in commercial processes.

  • Geneva E-Com / E-Law Project external link
    The Geneva E-Law project is a joint work of the groups of Prof. Gabrielle Kaufmann-Kohler ( Department of Private International Law, Law School, University of Geneva) and Prof. Jürgen Harms (Teleinformatics and Operating Systems Group, Department of Computer Science, CUI, University of Geneva). The project aims at a multidisciplinary study of Online Dispute Resolution.

  • external link
    An emediation project (in Dutch).

  • Global Arbitration Mediation Service external link
    (GAMS) Online Dispute Resolution

  • IRIS-Médiation external link
    Imaginons un réseau Internet solidaire (IRIS).
    Mediation of Internet related disputes. [French language site.]

  • Intersettle external link was launched in November 2000 in order to bring to the legal marketplace a service whereby disputes can be resolved online. allows you the chance to settle your claim online by virtue of an interactive on-line bidding system. (Based in Scotland.)

  • MARS external link
    Mediation Arbitration Resolution Services
    Our dispute resolution process is carried out over by Telephone, as well as, by using videoconferencing and the Internet.

  • Michigan Cybercourt external link
    A detailed set of links on Michigan Cyber Court Law, and the proposed Cybercourt.

  • Model Law on Electronic Commerce external link
    The UNCITRAL model law on electronic commerce.

  • National Arbitration Forum external link
    Founded in 1986, the Forum is an international network of former judges, senior attorneys, and law professors who share The Forum principle that disputes should be decided according to established legal principles.
    It is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

  • Novaforum external link
    Novaforum, provides an online forum for businesses as an alternative to litigation. The service provides a fixed product, for a fixed price, within a fixed time. It combines automated systems and a team of neutrals to resolve commercial disputes - within 72-hours of filing.

  • On line Dispute Resolution Conference held in Washington, May 22, 1996 external link
    A report by Jentry Perritt Jr and Kenneth Mortensen, Villanova University. (Virtual Magistrate.)

  • Resolution Forum external link
    Resolution Forum, Inc. is engaged in a cooperative effort with the State Bar of Texas Corporate Counsel Section and the State Bar of Texas ADR Section to do the following: Design, develop, and distribute informational packets informing the public about the availability and effective use of ADR processes; Test new ADR processes and technology such as the CAN-WIN(SM) process which merges ADR with the Internet and advanced communications technology; Conduct ADR training programs designed for businesses and institutions; Create a multi-disciplinary panel system for the efficient evaluation and resolution of domestic and international disputes.

  • SettleOnline external link
    With SettleOnline, disputing parties make offers and demands that are not revealed to the other side. SettleOnline's programmed calculations match offers and demands to determine if a settlement is reached, removing personality conflicts and posturing between disputing parties. If the case does not settle, neither side is aware of the other party's numbers and either side can easily select other ADR procedures.

  • SquareTrade external link
    Offers “ODR” (online dispute resolution) for :
    -eBay buyer-seller disputes
    -real estate disputes (California)
    -and more general disputes

  • The Claim Room external link
    An online negotiating/mediating area and 'blind' bidding tool for resolving monetary disputes and customer complaints. (UK based.)

  • The World Intellectual Property Organization external link
    WIPO's Online Dispute Resolution schemes.

  • Virtual Magistrate Established for the Internet external link
    Voluntary Dispute Resolution for Network Conflicts. (1996)

  • Virtual Magistrate external link
    VMAG provides services to individuals and companies to settle disputes that arise from on-line activity (spamming, defamation or inappropriate messages; requesting the removal of a message or posted web page; have a contract or property or tort dispute regarding on-line issues; or, have a concern about the way you were treated or referred to on-line).

  • Word & Bond external link
    Ptovides (among other services) an interactive arbitration system (i-arbitration) with contact points in Germany, Italy and the UK.

  • "/cgi-bin/link?q=p000743">iCourthouse external link
  • Jury trials online: The system of the courthouse, and how cases are presented and verdicts are arrived at, resemble procedures found at traditional courthouses.


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