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    Practitioners associated with Arbitration
    Arbitrators, mediators (and other neutrals), experts, counsel, lawyers, researchers, librarians and all others working in the general field of non-court dispute resolution.
    This category also includes professional practices
    The listing is split over 24 pages, alphabetically.

  • T. A. C. R external link
    Mediation, arbitration, and other forms of dispute resolution, specializing in information technology, telecommunications, and intellectual property.
    [Geneva, Switzerland]

  • Trademark Myanmar (Myanmar Law Firm ) external link
    Trademark Law Firm Myanmar is co-ordinating firm of myanmar Law Firm U Nyunt Tin Associates, providing intellectual property support to patent attorney firms, legal firms and other commercial organisations. We provide intellectual property research, investigation, management, commercialisation, auditing and discovery services.

  • Trademark Registration Myanmar external link
    Free of charge trademark watch service for international IP owners. Limited access trademark search service for associate law firms.

  • Dr Clive Trotman and associates - Science and Technology Arbitration external link
    Arbitration and dispute resolution in science and technology.
    Consultancy in scientific and technical writing and information.

  • Turton, Frances (Obituary.) external link
    Late Chief Executive Officer of the Arbitration Foundation of Southern Africa (AFSA).

  • Note
      Most of the links that are or will be provided in this category of the site are self-nominated by the individuals or organisations concerned.
      The links are moderated for relevance and appropriateness.
      However, links to individual practitioners pose a particular problem in that there is no universally accepted 'standard' for an arbitrator. Indeed in most, if not all, jurisdictions anyone of sound mind who has reached their majority may act as an arbitrator. So it is up to the party or parties that appoint an arbitrator to satisfy themselves that the candidate is appropriate.
      This site cannot either vet potential arbitrators' suitability, nor confirm the accuracy of the statements they make about themselves.
      Nevertheless we hope that the information will help in your search.


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