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    Construction, Energy, Family, IP, Maritime, …

  • Building Law Information Subscriber Service external link
    Specialist information source and booksellers. All forms of dispute resolution and construction law.
    (Bliss is part of James R Knowles.)

  • Construction & Engineering Arbitration external link
    Peter Sheridan, ISBN , GBP 125-. Sweet & Maxwell.

  • Construction Development Board external link
    Details of an arbitration scheme for construction projects are being added to this site.

  • Construction Industry Arbitration Commission external link
    CIAC operates under the governent's (Department of Trade and Industry's) Construction Industry Authority of the Philippines (CIAP).

  • Kings College Construction Law Association external link
    The KCCLA is an Alumni group for current and past students of the Centre of Construction Law and Management at King's College and is a branch of the King's College London Association.
    (KCCLA hosts many meetings on construction-related arbitration and/or dispute resolution, hence its listing here.)

  • Kitt & Murray external link
    Law firm specializing in international construction arbitration.
    Bangkok, Thailand.

  • Marshall, Colin external link
    “A Chartered Civil Engineer and Arbitrator with 35 years of professional experience in the public and private sectors who has specialised in the procurement, administration and supervision of construction projects around the world.”
    Nassau, Bahamas.
    see also FIDIC and Dispute Resolution Board Foundation websites.



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