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Employment disputes

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  • ATD Consulting external link
    Specializing in all areas of industrial operations. Union contract negotiations, arbitration, mediation, labor issues, plant configuration, etc.
    Burbank, Washington State, USA.

  • Advisory Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS) external link
    UK government body for the resolution of industrial disputes. The UK does not have the same history of ‘labor arbitration’ as the US, but ACAS provides a range of dispute resolution services and also a neutral forum through which parties can engage in dialog.

  • Employment Law Memo external link
    Published three times a week by email. Summaries of recent developments in employment discrimination, employment law, and labor law: Title VII, ADA, Rehabilitation Act, ADEA, harassment, retaliation, wrongful discharge, employment at will, employment contracts, non-competition agreements, FLSA, ERISA, unfair labor practices, NLRA, arbitration. [USA, United States.]

  • NLRB Memo external link
    Weekly by email, providing summaries of decisions by the National Labor Relations Board and NLRB General Counsel memoranda. [USA, United States, employment.] Free of charge.

  • Selected Recent Developments in [Labor] Arbitration external link
    Part of the LawMemo.Com Employment Law Page, edited by Professor Ross Runkel.
    A collection of case summaries dealing with employment arbitration (with links to full text material) dating back to November 1998.
    The cases can be viewed either chronologically or by topic.
    (Also, NLRB e-mail service and links to the court web sites.)

  • _ external link
    Don't forget that labor and labour are used in different countries' spellings.
    Searching employment may also widen the results.


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