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    • Practitioners associated with Arbitration
      Arbitrators, mediators (and other neutrals), experts, counsel, lawyers, researchers, librarians and all others working in the general field of non-court dispute resolution.
      This category also includes professional practices
      The listing is split over 24 pages, alphabetically.
    • Subjects
      Arbitration law reform, Arbitration history, Lex Mercatoria, …

  • note
    • The top layer of topics that do not fit into the other major categories (people, places, dates, etc.) are classified under Fields and Subjects.
      Fields of activity cover such topics as Maritime Arbitration and Commodity Arbitration, whilst,
      Subjects are more ‘subjects of study’n for example ex æquo et bono arbitration, arbitration history and arbitration law reform.
      As always, the deep cross-referencing should mean that you find whatever you want, whatever route you take through this database!

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