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  • A Guide to Arbitration and Litigation in Central and Eastern Europe external link
    Book review. Neil Aitken and Charles Spragge. Cameron McKenna, London, 1998. ISBN 0 9533867 0 8.

  • Cour Européenne d'Arbitrage - European Court of Arbitration external link
    Résolution de tous litiges arbitrables dans toute l'Europe. Arbitration in any European country.

  • Court of Conciliation and Arbitration external link
    The Court of Conciliation and Arbitration was established in 1992, to settle disputes submitted to it by States Parties to the Convention on Conciliation and Arbitration within the OSCE.
    The Court is based in Geneva.
    The Court of Conciliation and Arbitration should be considered as an OSCE-related body rather than an OSCE institution as such:
    - it binds only States Parties to the Convention;
    - it is based on a legally-binding statute in the form of a treaty, contrary to standard practice within the OSCE;
    - and it is not a permanent body but a roster of conciliators and arbitrators - only when a dispute is submitted is an ad hoc Conciliation Commission or Arbitral Tribunal established.
    [Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe]

  • EA - European Arbitration external link
    The site of EA, the electronic newsletter devoted to arbitration around the World.
    Links to fully searchable fulltext of back issues. Collation of book reviews. Etc.

  • ENDR and ENFA external link
    The European Network for Dispute Resolution and 'ENFA' -European Network Fast Arbitration, a simplified procedure for the resolution of small and medium sized cross-border disputes in Europe. (1996)

  • European Court of Arbitration external link
    European Court of Arbitration, Strasbourg, France.

  • European Network for Dispute Resolution external link
    The Réseau Européen d'Arbitrage et Médiation (ENDR / REAM).
    With members in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and The Netherlands (Amsterdam, Bilbao, Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, München, Munich, Paris, Torino, Toulouse, Turin).

  • WWW Virtual Library (Vlib)
  • WWWVL Droit

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