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    Information on dispute resolution
    Resources whose primary purpose is the collation and presentation of information (rather than, say, ‘presenting’ the work of one particular organisation).

  • ASIL Information Resources on International Law external link
    The American Society of International Law Library, headquartered in Washington, DC, has since 1962 built a collection of 25,000 items, including books, periodicals, treaty series, databases and official documents of international organizations.
    This electronic guide is based on that background.

  • external link
    a legal portal launched in April 2001 to provide resources for legal professionals in the Asia-Pacific region. Bizilaw currently has a membership of 850 comprising lawyers, corporate counsel and law students in Asia.
    Member Services on Bizilaw are free and includes Legal News Updates, Articles and Reports and a Links Library containing hyperlinks to selected best-of-breed legal websites in Singapore, HongKong, Malaysia and around the Globe. BiziLaw Articles are contributed by practicing lawyers and academics who are highly regarded and renown in their areas of specialisation.

  • Department of International Law external link
    Department of International Law, Organization of American States

  • Lex Mercatoria external link
    “an ( international ~~ transnational ) commercial law & e-commerce infrastructure monitor”
    (Formerly “International Trade Law”. Centred at Tromso University, Norway.)
    alternative address:

  • Portal to Legal Resources in the UK and Ireland external link
    Portal to Legal Resources in the UK and Ireland, maintained by Delia Venables

  • The Legal Portal external link
    Alan Gahtan's “Canadian Legal Resources” website's ADR page.

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    • For links and information on the law in general, see the WWW Virtual Law Library: WWW—VL.

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