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Practitioners associated with Arbitration — B



  • 廣義範疇 :
    Practitioners associated with Arbitration
    Arbitrators, mediators (and other neutrals), experts, counsel, lawyers, researchers, librarians and all others working in the general field of non-court dispute resolution.
    This category also includes professional practices
    The listing is split over 24 pages, alphabetically.

  • Barnett, David external link
    providing arbitration and consultancy to the commodity and shipping industries.refined sugar association and grain and feed trade arbitrator

  • Baugh, John B external link
    Alabama based Attorney and Arbitrator providing ADR services throughout the Southeastern U.S.

  • Billiet & co lawyers in Paris and Brussels external link
    Billiet & co law firm with offices in Brussels and in Paris. Particulars and fields of expertise of the lawyers of the firm. Links concerning international arbitration, main French and Belgian legal links, the content of two leading Belgian law journals, search engine, presentation of several international associations for example 'the association for international arbitrage' and 'Progress' (association for the protection of the common interests of the European Union, the Ukraine, Russia, Byelorussia and Kazachtstan), art gallery, etc.

  • Birch, Elizabeth external link
    Arbitrator, Mediator, Barrister (Advocate); Chartered Arbitrator (Chartered Institute of Arbitrators); Qualified as a mediator with CEDR and Academy of Experts; Conducted substantial numbers of arbitrations and mediations. Expertise: Commercial Law including banking and financial services; commodities; insurance; international sale of goods; IT; marine and shipping; telecommunications and all types of contractual and professional disputes. Location: London, England, Europe Language: English

  • Brown, Peter, FCIArb external link
    Member of Council, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.
    Chartered Arbitrator. Accredited Mediator, Conciliator. Specialising in agriculture and commodities. Member of LCIA, GAFTA, UKASTA, FOSFA, NASPM. Sole arbitrator, Tribunals and Appeal Boards.
    Located at Aldeburgh, Suffolk, England (UK). Tel: +44 1728 45 40 34 Fax: +44 1728 45 41 34.

  • 注解
      Most of the links that are or will be provided in this category of the site are self-nominated by the individuals or organisations concerned.
      The links are moderated for relevance and appropriateness.
      However, links to individual practitioners pose a particular problem in that there is no universally accepted 'standard' for an arbitrator. Indeed in most, if not all, jurisdictions anyone of sound mind who has reached their majority may act as an arbitrator. So it is up to the party or parties that appoint an arbitrator to satisfy themselves that the candidate is appropriate.
      This site cannot either vet potential arbitrators' suitability, nor confirm the accuracy of the statements they make about themselves.
      Nevertheless we hope that the information will help in your search.


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