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National arbitral bodies

Arbitral bodies, institutions, etc. whose scope of activity is more national than either global or multi-national (regional).
This list is long and users may find it easier to look in the page for a particular country.

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  • AAA International Centre for Dispute Resolution external link
    American Arbitration Association. Dublin.
    One of currently two centres: see also New York.

  • ADR Centres external link
    The Alternative Dispure Resolution Centres have been providing dispute resolution services since 1990. Starting with one office, the Centres now have seven offices in British Columbia.

  • AFMA Arbitration external link
    has been offering an arbitration service since 1984. Arbitrators are entertainment experts. (AFMA is a trade association of motion picture and television distribution and production companies).

  • AKLAC external link
    AKLAC (The Dr A Kheir Law & Arbitration Center)

  • ARyME external link
    Founded in 1996, ARBITRAJE Y MEDIACIÓN (ARyME), is a private ADR organizationin Spain.

  • Advisory Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS) external link
    UK government body for the resolution of industrial disputes. The UK does not have the same history of ‘labor arbitration’ as the US, but ACAS provides a range of dispute resolution services and also a neutral forum through which parties can engage in dialog.

  • Alberta Arbitration and Mediation Society external link
    Founded in 1982 the AAMS is a not for profit organization which provides education and information to its members and the general public on solving disputes more effectively.

  • Alexandria Centre for International Maritime Arbitration external link
    Founded in 1992. An affiliate of the Cairo Regional Centre for International Commercial Arbitration.

  • Alternate Dispute Resolution Services external link
    Service provider of arbitration and mediation services throughout British Columbia, Canada.

  • America International Mediation & Arbitration Center external link
    AIMAC provides Arbitrators and Mediators with entertainment and intellectual property expertise.
    New York, USA.

  • American Arbitration Association (AAA) external link

  • American Bar Association - Dispute Resolution Section external link

  • Arbitration Center external link
    The Arbitration Center at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Beirut.

  • Arbitration Centre external link
    The Arbitration Centre of the Chamber of Commerce (Luxembourg).

  • Arbitration Committee of the Brazil-Canada Chamber of Commerce external link
    Created in 1979.

  • Arbitration Court (Czech Republic) external link
    The Arbitration Court attached to the Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic and Agricultural Chamber of the Czech Republic.

  • Arbitration Court at the Association ICC - Lithuania external link
    Arbitration Court at the AICC Lithuania is an arbitration institution. It organizes and supervises arbitration of international and domestic commercial disputes.It is non-governmental, non-profit organization, established in Lithuania in 1997.

  • Arbitration Court at the Bulgarian CCI external link
    Founded in the nineteenth century as the 'Court of Conciliation'.

  • Arbitration Court external link
    The Arbitration Court of the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce International.

  • Arbitration Foundation of Southern Africa external link

  • Arbitration and Mediation Institute of Canada external link

  • Armenian Arbitration Institute external link
    Arbitration and alternative dispute resolution services.

  • Association for Conflict Resolution external link
    A merged organization of AFM, CREnet and SPIDR (Academy of Family Mediators, Conflict Resolution Education Network, Society of Professionals in Dispute Resolution).

  • Association of Arbitrators (Southern Africa) external link

  • Basel Chamber of Commerce external link
    [Bâle, Basle]

  • Beijing Arbitration Commission external link
    Site, in Chinese, devoted to the Commission and its work.

  • Belarussian Chamber of Commerce and Industry external link
    The official site of the Belarussian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. International Arbitration Court. Rules.

  • Board of Arbitration external link
    Board of Arbitration of the Central Chamber of Commerce (Finland).

  • British Association of Lawyer Mediators external link

  • British Columbia International Commercial Arbitration Centre external link
    An international arbitration Centre located in Vancouver, Canada. Provides rules of procedure and full administration of international and domestic commercial arbitration, including appointment of arbitrators.

  • CAMARB - Câmara de Arbitragem Empresarial - Brasil external link

  • CAMASP external link
    CÒmara Arbitral de SÓo Paulo. Sao Paulo.

  • CAREN external link
    Cour d'Arbitrage et Médiation. Arbitration and Mediation Court. Arbitrage et Mediatie Hof.
    A Tri-lingual site.
    CAREN is based in Lille (northern France).

  • CEDR external link
    The Centre for Dispute Resolution.

  • CEPANI external link
    CEPANI / CEPINA (formerly “The Centre for the Study and Practice of National and International Arbitration”).
    Belgisch Centrum voor Arbitrage en Mediatie.
    Centre Belge d'Arbitrage et de Médiation.
    Belgisches Zentrum für Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit und Mediation.
    Belgian Centre for Arbitration and Mediation.
    Founded 1969. Brussels, Belgium.

  • CIArb East Anglia Branch external link

  • CIArb Irish Branch external link
    Founded in 1981.
    Address: 8, Merrion Square, Dublin 2.

  • CIArb Scottish Branch external link

  • CIArb Thames Valley Branch external link

  • CIETAC external link
    CIETAC (China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission)

  • CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution external link

  • Cambodian Centre for Conflict Resolution (CCCR) external link
    Founded in 1996 by the Cambodia Development Resource Institute.

  • Canadian Foundation for Dispute Resolution external link
    The Canadian Foundation for Dispute Resolution is a nonprofit alliance of business corporations and law firms in Canada working together to promote the creative resolution of business disputes.

  • Centre de Arbitrage et de Médiation de Rhäne-Alpes external link
    CARA: based in Lyon.

  • Centro de Arbitrajes y Mediaciones de Santiago (CAM) external link
    Centro de Arbitrajes y Mediaciones de Santiago (CAM), created by the Santiago Chamber of Commerce (La Cámara de Comercio de Santiago) in 1993.

  • Chamber of Commerce Arbitration Centre external link

  • Chambre Arbitrale de Paris (CAP) external link
    Created in 1926, a non-profit organsiation involved in the resolution of all types of commercial disputes by mediation and arbitration.

  • Chartered Institute of Arbitrators external link
    A professional organisation for arbitrators, mediators and adjudicators

  • Chicago International Dispute Resolution Association external link
    Provides arbitration and mediation services for international commercial disputes.
    CIDRA is based in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Established 1997.

  • City Disputes Panel external link
    The CDP is a not-for-profit organisation that is focused on the needs of commercial corporations, the financial services industry, and all who do business with them, in the UK and internationally.

  • clickNsettle external link
    A wholly owned subsidiary of NAM (National Arbitration and Mediation), a national (USA) provider of arbitration and mediation services and electronic case management software.

  • Commercial Arbitration Centre external link

  • Commercial Arbitration Centre external link
    The Lisbon Trade Association / Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry together with the Porto Trade Association / Porto Chamber of Commerce and Industry set up the Centre for Commercial Arbitration within the legal framework of voluntary arbitration - Law No. 31/86 of 29th August; this Centre is qualified to resolve conflicts of a commercial nature. Authorisation for the creation of the Centre was granted by the Ministry of Justice by means of orders nos. 9/87 and 26/87.

  • Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration external link
    The CCMA has its head office in Johannesburg and regional offices in each province. The Commissions major activities are: promoting sound worker-employer relations; preventing labour disputes from arising; and settlinge disputes that do arise by conciliation and, if necessary, arbitration.

  • Construction Industry Arbitration Commission external link
    CIAC operates under the governent's (Department of Trade and Industry's) Construction Industry Authority of the Philippines (CIAP).

  • Court of Arbitration external link
    The Court of Arbitration of the Polish Chamber of Commerce.

  • Court of International Arbitration external link
    The Court of International Arbitration of the Chamber of Commerce of Romania and Bucharest.

  • Cybersettle external link
    An independent online claim resolution system, that settles claims by matching offers and demands, in the blind, via a password- protected, network-secured Web site.
    [Insurance, personal injury, property damage and other disputes.]

  • Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry external link
    The Chamber offers “Arbitration services for the settlement of trade disputes”.

  • DIS external link
    German Institution of Arbitration. Deutsche Institution für Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit.

  • Danish Institute of Arbitration external link
    The Danish Institute of Arbitration (Copenhagen Arbitration) was founded in 1981, though a “permanent arbitration institution has existed in Copenhagen ever since 1894”.
    Secretarial facilities are run jointly with the Danish Building and Construction Arbitration Court.
    (Det Danske Voldgiftsinstitut,
    Voldgiftsnævnet for Bygge- og Anlægsvirksomhed.)
    (Das Dänische Schiedsinstitut.))

  • Estonian Chamber of Commerce external link
    ECCI Arbitration Court: Services (Secratary, phone: (372) 6 460 244), Rules of the Arbitration Court,Arbitration Fees, and Law on the Arbitration Court.
    Tallinn, Estonia.

  • FIDIC external link
    Announcement of FIDIC's ‘Dispute Adjudication Board (DAB) Training programme’.
    FIDIC is the International Federation of Consulting Engineers.

  • GAFTA external link
    The London based Grain and Feed Trade Association provides an arbitration system for international disputes relating to specific agricultural commodities.

  • General Arbitration Tribunal of the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange external link
    The Tribunal General de Arbitraje of the Bolsa de Comercio de Buenos Aires. The tribunal was established in 1963.

  • Geneva Chamber of Commerce external link
    (Genf, Genève.)

  • HKIAC external link
    The Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre. HKIAC was established in 1985.

  • ICC International Centre for Expertise external link
    “Created in 1976, the centre is an essential part of ICC's dispute resolution services. As technologies progress and companies do business globally, business partners increasingly call on the centre's impartial expertise to resolve differences and preserve harmonious business relationships.“
    International Chamber of Commerce, Paris, France.

  • IRIS-Médiation external link
    Imaginons un réseau Internet solidaire (IRIS).
    Mediation of Internet related disputes. [French language site.]

  • Indian Council of Arbitration (ICA) external link

  • Indian Institute of Arbitration & Mediation external link
    Non-profit organization administering alternative dispute resolution in India. Maintains panel of arbitrators and mediators.

  • Institute for Dispute Resolution external link
    The IDR is at the the University if Victoria, British Columbia.

  • International Arbitral Centre external link
    The International Arbitral Centre of the Federal Economic Chamber, Vienna.

  • International Arbitration Association external link
    (IAA) - Association internationale de l'arbitrage (AIA). Founded February 2000, Geneva, Switzerland.

  • International Commercial Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation external link
    The International Commercial Arbitration Court (ICAC) at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation is asuccessor to the Arbitration Court at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the USSR which was set up in 1932 and up to 1987was called the Foreign Trade Arbitration Commission (FTAC) at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the USSR (previously at theAll-Union Chamber of Commerce). Like its predecessor it operates in accordance with the Resolution of the Supreme Soviet of theRussian Federation of January 20, 1993.

  • International Commercial Arbitration Court external link
    The International Commercial Arbitration Court at the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICAC at the UCCI) is an independent permanent arbitration institution whose activities are regulated by the Law of Ukraine On International Commercial Arbitration of 24 February, 1994 and the Rules of the International Commercial Arbitration Court at the UCCI.
    [Kiev, Kyiv]

  • International Commercial and Industrial Arbitration Association (ARICI) external link
    Formed in Geneva in 1980 the International Commercial and Industrial Arbitration Association set up the International Commercial and Industrial Arbitration Court (Cour pour l'Arbitrage International en matière de Commerce et d'Industrie, CARICI). CARICI arbitrates disputes in any business-related field, e.g. import-export, insurance, financial agreements. carriage, construction, industrial ventures, etc. These disputes can concern public or private corporations as well as sovereign states.

  • JCAA external link
    The Japanese Commercial Arbitration Association.

  • Japan Shipping Exchange external link
    TOMAC (Tokyo Maritime Arbitration Commission) arbitration at the JSE.
    (The JSE was incorporated in 1933, but dates back through the Kobe Shipping Exchange (founded 1921) to the Kobe Shipping Union which first provided arbitration services in 1912. Now both mediation and arbitration are offered.)

  • Kings College Construction Law Association external link
    The KCCLA is an Alumni group for current and past students of the Centre of Construction Law and Management at King's College and is a branch of the King's College London Association.
    (KCCLA hosts many meetings on construction-related arbitration and/or dispute resolution, hence its listing here.)

  • Korean Commercial Arbitration Board external link
    The KCAB was founded in 1966 to help both international and Korean companies resolve commercial disputes which may arise when conducting business.

  • Latvian Chamber of Commerce external link

  • The London Maritime Arbitrators Association external link
    The L.M.A.A. is an association of practising maritime arbitrators, founded on 12th February, 1960.

  • Malta Arbitration Centre. Ċentru Malti Għall-Arbitraġġ external link
    The Malta Arbitration Centre was set up to promote and encourage the conduct of domestic arbitration and international commercial arbitration. It is administered by a Board of Governors appointed by the President of Malta but is independent of Government.

  • Marie Moravcova, dr.jur external link
    Arbitration Court attached to the Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic and Agricultural Chamber of the Czech Republic Prague, Czech Republic

  • Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry external link
    The Chamber hosts the Permanent Arbitration Court of the MCCI.

  • Mediation UK external link

  • Mediation Wales external link
    Mediation Wales is the umbrella organisation for mediation services in Wales.

  • Milan Chamber of Arbitration external link
    The Chamber of National and International Arbitration of Milan.
    La Camera Arbitrale Nazionale e Internazionale di Milano.

  • Mongolian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) external link
    The Chamber's ‘Law and Arbitration Bureau’ offers services and assistance relating to foreign trade arbitration.

  • NAM Corporation external link
    National Arbiitration and Mediation is a national provider of arbitration and mediation services and electronic case management software.

  • National Academy of Arbitrators external link

  • National Arbitration Forum external link
    The National Arbitration Forum is one of the largest providers of dispute resolution services in the USA. A national panel of legal professionals (attorneys and former judges) arbitrate and mediate business, consumer, employment and insurance matters. Our web site provides a comprehensive look at the arbitration process and the benefits of advanced dispute resolution (ADR).

  • Nederlands Arbitrage Instituut (NAI) external link
    The Netherlands arbitration institute.

  • New York Stock Exchange, Inc. Arbitration Department external link
    Rules and Procedures for Securities Arbitration.
    The full text of the Arbitration decisions are also given (these are being loaded to the site for all years back to 1992).

  • Permanent Arbitration Court external link

  • Permanent court of arbitration and court of honour external link

  • PrivateJudge services external link
    Select panel of arbitrators and mediators provide dispute resolution services online and offline.

  • Resolution Forum external link
    Resolution Forum, Inc. is engaged in a cooperative effort with the State Bar of Texas Corporate Counsel Section and the State Bar of Texas ADR Section to do the following: Design, develop, and distribute informational packets informing the public about the availability and effective use of ADR processes; Test new ADR processes and technology such as the CAN-WIN(SM) process which merges ADR with the Internet and advanced communications technology; Conduct ADR training programs designed for businesses and institutions; Create a multi-disciplinary panel system for the efficient evaluation and resolution of domestic and international disputes.

  • SPSG WIPH external link
    The Court of Arbitration of the Polish Chamber of Commerce in Pozna?. (Staöym Polubownym Sðdzie Gospodarczym Wielkopolskiej Izby Przemysöowo Handlowej w Poznaniu.)

  • SettleOnline external link
    With SettleOnline, disputing parties make offers and demands that are not revealed to the other side. SettleOnline's programmed calculations match offers and demands to determine if a settlement is reached, removing personality conflicts and posturing between disputing parties. If the case does not settle, neither side is aware of the other party's numbers and either side can easily select other ADR procedures.

  • Singapore International Arbitration Centre external link

  • Society of Maritime Arbitrators external link
    The SMA has its headquarters in New York.

  • SquareTrade external link
    Offers “ODR” (online dispute resolution) for :
    -eBay buyer-seller disputes
    -real estate disputes (California)
    -and more general disputes

  • Stockholm Chamber external link
    The Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (SCC Institute) was established in 1917 and is a separate entity within the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce.

  • Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society external link
    SPAS (Svenska Freds- och Skiljedomsföreningen), is the world´s oldest and Scandinavia's largest peace organization. Founded 1883 by the Nobel Prize Winner, KP Arnoldson. SPAS has about 7,000 individual members and some 40 local groups in Sweden. The organization is independent from the state and has no political or religious ties. SPAS's major aims are to ease tensions, speed up disarmament, forward the transference of military resources to development and support demrcratisation.

  • Swiss Arbitration Association external link

  • The Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Institute external link
    The Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Institute of the Oslo Chamber of Commerce is a body incorporated within the Oslo Chamber which deals with matters of arbitration and dispute resolution. This applies to national and international disputes within industry, commerce, shipping, offshore/onshore activities, and other fields of business activity.

  • The Caracas Chamber of Commerce external link

  • The Commercial Arbitration Centre in Harare external link
    Established in July 1995.

  • The Institute for Transnational Arbitration external link
    Founded in 1986, the ITA is an educational forum in the field of transnational arbitration.
    The ITA hosts an annual commercial arbitration Workshop in Dallas (Texas, USA), publishes News and Notes (with its regularly updated Scoreboard of Adherence to Transnational Arbitration Treaties) quarterly, and runs a Video Library.

  • The St. Petersburg International Commercial Arbitration Court external link
    SPICAC establihed by “The St. Petersburg Foundation for Protection of Investment ... a non-profit organization established by direction of the Mayor of St. Petersburg on July 20, 1995.”

  • The Supreme Arbitration (Commercial) Court of the Russian Federation external link
    Under Article 127 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation is the supreme judicial body competent to settle economic disputes and other cases examined by arbitration courts, to exercise judicial supervision over their activity and to provide explanations of court proceedings. The Supreme Arbitration Court is part of the country's uniform judicial system as well as the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation and the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation.

  • Tribunal Arbitral do Estado do Rio de Janeiro external link
    Mediação, arbitragem, laudo e sentença arbitral, solução rápida de conflitos. Mediation and arbitration.

  • Tribunal de Media×Óo e Juizado Arbitral de Sarandi external link

  • Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce external link

  • external link
    International dispute resolution provider.

  • UK College of Family Mediators external link

  • Venice Court of National and International Arbitration (VENCA) external link
    Founded October 1st, 1998.

  • Virtual Magistrate external link
    VMAG provides services to individuals and companies to settle disputes that arise from on-line activity (spamming, defamation or inappropriate messages; requesting the removal of a message or posted web page; have a contract or property or tort dispute regarding on-line issues; or, have a concern about the way you were treated or referred to on-line).

  • Zürich Chamber of Commerce external link


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