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interarb  is an information provider in the subject areas of arbitration and dispute resolution, it is dedicated to the supply of essential support to practitioners and users of international dispute resolution services on a global basis.

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The aim of interarb's services is to allow users to compete effectively and to better practise in the dynamic global environment.

In a world where great differences in the availability of resources occurs we wish to maintain the policy of supplying as much information as possible electronically and automatically, and above all without charge to the user. This philosophy guided EUROPEAN ARBITRATION which was distributed without charge for over forty issues now (and is still avaimable without charge to students and to readers in developing and transitional economies), it is also the basis of the WWW Virtual Library project of which we are proud to be a member.

Other services will be charged for on a realistic basis.

You can support our services and enable them to expand by thes and enable them to expand by the following methods:

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