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To enter a subscription to EUROPEAN ARBITRATION for the current 'year' (in fact issues EA53 to EA70) you simply need to complete this on-line form. You will then be referred by a secure (https://) link to our bankers to provide your credit card details. We never see you card details. The price is 100 EURO for the eighteen issues (at the time of writing 1 EURO is considerably less than 1 $US).

If you would like to inspect a sample issue of EA before subscribing, then our sample page provides screenshots, a free download of a whole issue and/or the option to have an issue emailed to you.

The sample page also details how to obtain Adobe Acrobat Reader, probably the best viewer for the newsletter. (In fact, Acrobat Reader is pre-installed on many --probably most-- computers, already.)

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interarb is an information provider in the subject areas of arbitration and dispute resolution, it is dedicated to the supply of essential support to practitioners and users of international dispute resolution services on a global basis.

We are committed to serving as wide an audience as possible. Part of the richness of EA comes from the breadth of its global readership. We do not wish to exclude students, nor readers in developing countries or economies in transition. If you would like to be considered for a free subscription please just complete (in confidence) the details below (in addition to those above!).
During the early months of 2002, we will be producing lite edition. This will both be smaller (to allow easier transmission to areas with less developed communications infrastructure) and also lack some of the features of the professional edition (Search, Print (when implemented), images, hyperlinks, etc.). If you want the professional edition, you will have to take out a normal subscription.

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