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                                                            May 24th, 1999.

ISSN 1286-4528                                   Publisher Michael Chapman.

1. Talking Point.
2. Diary of Events.
3. Directory.
4. News items.
5. Situations Vacant.


               Situ   Situations Vacant.
 An innovation for this issue is a notice requesting applications for a research assistantship.
 All other ideas of making EA as useful as possible for readers are welcome. Our readership has risen considerably since the New Year (up about 50% on last October) and we hope to be able to facilitate cooperation within this expanding community.



A full list of events can now be found via:
 All DIARY contributions remain most welcome (whether they have a 'hyperlink' or not!). The list is both for the individual arbitrator and for those who plan meetings.''
As ever please CONFIRM all details directly with organisers, the above material is drawn from various sources and should not be relied on by itself(!).


The Directory now only records recent and/or interesting entrants.

A fuller listing will be found at
Every effort is being made to keep that directory both as complete as possible and as up-to-date as possible. The list is now on a database which makes accessing the over two hundred links present, somewhat easiser.
Readers' assistance in providing details for new entries and for drawing our attention to any errors in the expanded Directory is most welcome!

Recent European additions/amendments to the database are to be found listed under Portugal, Slovenia and Sweden.



Following our invitation for readers to submit short informative pieces we received this from Elodie Rubio <>. A translation is in preparation, but as th preparation, but as this afterall is *European* Arbitration we have no shame in offering the original text (translation next issue):

Présentation de la Chambre Arbitrale de Paris.
Organisme institutionnel à but non lucratif, la Chambre Arbitrale de Paris intervient pour régler par la conciliation ou l'arbitrage tous litiges susceptibles de naître entre des entreprises ou des commerçants dans le cadre de leurs rapports d'affaires.
Depuis 1926, date de sa création par des organisations professionnelles, la Chambre Arbitrale de Paris a étendu ses compétences aux secteurs les plus variés de l'industrie et du commerce. Elle est aujourd'hui le centre d'arbitrage le plus actif au plan national.
Sa compétence est fondée sur l'existence préalable d'une clause dite "clause compromissoire", insérée dans les contrats lors de leur conclusion. La Chambre Arbitrale de Paris peut aussi être saisie par un "compromis d'arbitrage", après naissance du litige.
En tant que centre d'organisation d'arbitrages, la Chambre Arbitrale de Paris offre :
  -des arbitres spécialisés et compétents dans le domaine
   professionnel concerné par le litirné par le litige;
  -un secrétariat permanent chargé de suivre les procédures arbitrales;
  -des règles d'arbitrage souples et protectrices des droits des parties;
  -des salles d'audience situées en plein coeur de Paris.
Conçue pour répondre aux besoins du commerce national aussi bien qu'international, la désignation de la Chambre Arbitrale de Paris garantit l'issue rapide des litiges dans un environnement qui s'efforce de préserver les relations futures entre les parties.

My thanks to Charles Spragge for drawing my attention to recent developments in Sweden:
 On April 1st a new Arbitration Act came into force. A comprehensive statute was first enacted late in the last Century, with the previous Act dating from 1929. The intervening seventy years left some scope for modification to adapt to contemporary international practices.
The new Act is in line with UNCITRAL's MAL, and is suited for both domestic and international arbitrations.
-Foreign parties now have an explicit right to enter into an exclusion agreement (excluding grounds of recourse)
-A party may request the tribunal to rule on a claim that the other party has sought to withdraw.
 Flowing from thistt> Flowing from this the Arbitration Institute of the SCC (Stockholm Chamber of Commerce) has adopted new rules.
-The institute may decide a dispute will be referred to a sole arbitrator, unless the parties have otherwise agreed.
-Awards must now be rendered within six months.
-Tribunal fees are now fixed, and on a scale relative to the amounts in dispute.

Books, Videos, etc. advertised:
"Arbitration in Zambia", video tape (PAL). Interviews by Mumba Kapumpa with Phillip Musonda (Chief Administrator, Judiciary), George Kunda (Chairman, Law Association of Zambia), Arlene Render (US Ambassador), Matthew Ngulube (Chief Justice), Cecil Canton (California State Univ.), Nan Shuker (judge, Superior Court Washington DC) and the speeches of George Kunda (LAZ), Bonaventure Mutale (Attorney General) and Arlene Render. A Hickey Studios Production, 1999.
(Hickey Studios, Private Bag E702, Lusaka, Zambia tel: 00+260 1 221461 Fax 00+260 1 226839 )

"Commercial Dispute Resolution Bulletin" the newsletter of the Commercial Arbitration Centre in Harare.tion Centre in Harare. Quarterly.
USD 25 for one year.

Review Article:

JURIS data base
 A review of this database was promised in the last edition of EA, however it has not yet appeared at the advertised web address. So below is the UN's ITC's own commentary on the project:
"The Juris data base provides two different types of information systems:
  Juris international: An international trade law data base containing major international trade treaties and uniform model laws (full text) together with basic summaries and lists of ratifications; major codified international trade usages; international model contract forms; dispute resolution.
  Juris national: This data base on windows is intended for national and/or regional use: it provides the framework, software, indexing and guidance for referencing national legislation, jurisprudence and legal doctrine in the form of abstracts. The content of this national data base is therefore dependent on the use each individual or national operator makes of it. Juris provides, however, basic summaries of major instruments referenced in Juris international.
Both legal databases are currently being enhanced.  "
 The dat>
 The database is a major collaboration between the International trade Centre and universities and has the major advantage of being multi-lingual. Another 'cool' feature is the ability to not only search for information on a particular country but to search on 'bonding information'. That is the names of two countries can be entered and a list of treaties and conventions that apply to *both* countries will be displayed, thus it can be seen what obligatory arrangements may apply to a buyer and a seller.
 The provision of a database of both up-to-date and party-neutral contract clauses and model contracts will also be most welcome by merchants in developed and developing countries.
 However for a review of how well these ideals are translated into practice ... watch this space.

Lost links -thanks for help:
 A big thank you to all readers who responded. Working links to Cairo and Helsinki are now on the web database.



One-year Research Assistantship: assistant Coach for Seventh Annual
-------------------------------        Willem C. Vibsp;  Willem C. Vis International
                              Commercial Arbitration Moot 1999/2000
Main responsibility: coaching a team of law students for the next Moot Court.
Period of employment: one year, begin in July/August 1999.
Fluency in English language and experience with Moot courts required.
For further questions and applications please contact
O.Univ.-Prof. Dr. Marianne Roth, LL.M. (Harvard), Law School,
   Paris-Lodron University Salzburg, Churfuerststrasse 1, A-5020 Salzburg,
   Austria.          Tel.: ++43 (0)662 8044-3401, -3402,       or

[Those interested might like to look at ,
Professor Roth's team made it to the quarter finals last year and included the winner of the Domke Award for the best oralist,  Editor.]

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EA is published as a simple text newsletter. No attempt has been made to format, or 'style' the back-issues reproduced here.
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