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                                                           April 4th, 1998.

                                                 Publisher Michael Chapman.


               sp;       (Next edition with news and comment
                     will be EA28, copy date April 10th.)



 All contributions to this DIARY are welcome. It is both for the individual arbitrator and for those who plan meetings.
 Generally, listed meetings will be at least half-day and usually full day events. Evening meetings are likely to be only of local interest.
 The emphasis is European: However to help in scheduling, major world events are listed.

                PLEASE see important note below,
                 before using any of this info.


April 6      WIPO Training Programme on Domain Name Dispute Resolution
April 7      Procedures.    (Three, one-day programmes.)
April 8      WIPO, Geneva.

April 9      Conference on construction disputes, Plaisterers Hall,
             London. Tony Baldry, former UK government minister will
             speak in favour of 'adjudication' as introduced by the
             previous government, of which he was a member. Michael
             Reynolds, who has described 'adjudication' as "an adversarial
             disaster" and promises this meeting will be the "clash of the
             year" is also speaking, along with Guy Cottam, Chris Dancaster
             and Andrew Fraley.
             Contact: Michael Reynolds

April 14                     p;                          : New York
April 15     Spotlight on the ICC and the 1998 Rules: Washington
April 17                                            : San Fransisco

April 23-25  Patent Alternative Dispute Resolution. Prof Irving Kayton.
             Naples, Florida, USA.

May 4-6      ICCA Biennial Conference, Paris.  fax: 00+46-8-723.0176.

May 7        'The Need for Speed: The Acceleration of International
             Arbitration'. Meeting in honour of Michel Gaudet.
             ICC, Paris.

May 8-10     LCIA European Council. (Fourth Tylney Hall Symposium).
        &nbsbsp;       Tylney Hall, Hampshire, England.

May 15-16    Resolving business disputes in film and television.
             ICC, Cannes, France.

May 15-17    European Branch CIArb. Biannual Conference.
             Annecy.    Michele Patocchi, fax +41.22.319.0600.

May 21-22    Court of International Commercial Arbitration. Seminar in
             celebration of 45th anniversary. Mangalia, Romania.
             fax +40-171.837.4185

June 3-6     CIArb, Annual Conference.  Birmingham.

June 5       The New LCIA Rules and London as an Arbitration Site.
             King's College, London.    LCIA.

June 10      '40 years of the New York Convention', United Nations,New York

June 12      Symposium for Younger Arbitration Practitionersbitration Practitioners.
             New York.  LCIA.    ("younger" is < 36 years)

June 15-19   International Commercial Arbitration: Study of a Mock Case.
             ICC Institute of World Business Law.  Paris.

June 17-19   Faces of Mediation. Mediation UK Annual Conference. Sheffield.
             fax +44-117-904-3331

June 23-24   WIPO Workshops for Mediators in Intellectual
June 25-26   Property Disputes. Geneva.

June 24-28   International Conference on Arbitration and Maritime Law.
             Spanish Maritime Arbitration Association, Barcelona.
             fax :  +34-3.482.7158

July 2-4     The Hague's 750th Anniversary Law Conference:   " The Hague,
             Legal Capital of the World. "   (T.M.C. "   (T.M.C. Asser Instituut,
             fax L.S. Huiisman on  +31.70.342..316)
             Panels G,I,J & K on Friday deal with Int'l Comm. Arbitration:
               G:  ADR in commercial disputes,
               I:  International Sports Law,
               J:  The Iran-US Claims Tribunal and the UNCITRAL Arb.Rules,
               K:  The Hague as a Venue for Commercial Arbitration.

July 3-5     'Changing International Arbitration Landscape in the Next
             Millennium'. Singapore Institute of Arbitration.
             fax:  +65-468.8510

July 20-     International Student Symposium on Negotiation and Conflict
   -Aug.1    Resolution. The Hague. Inst.ion. The Hague. Inst. Int'l. Med. & Conflict Resol.

July 21-24   'Internet Dispute Resolution Mechanisms' and 'Resolution of
             Domain Name Disputes'. parts of the Internet Conference,

July 24-26   'The Decade Ahead.'  Arbitrators and Mediators Institute of
             New Zealand.  Annual meeting, Wellinfton.
             fax, Penelope Austin, on:  00+64-4-385.7224.

Sept. 6-11   CEDR. 'Mediator Skills Training'.
             Vevey, Switzerland.   fax: 00+44-171481.4442.

Sept. 12-13  LCIA North American Council Symposium, Whistler, Vancouver.
Sept. 13-18  IBA Biennial Conference, Vancouver.

Sept. 23-24  ICC 'Geneva Business Dialogue'.
Sept. 24-25  Colloque 75e Anniversaire. International Court of Arbitration
             of the ICC. Geneva.

Sept. 24-25  American Bar Association, Dispute Resolution Section.
             'Arbitration: Preparing for the 21st Century.'  New York.

(October)    LCIA Pan-African Council. Harare, Zimbabwe. Jointly with:
             Commercial Arbitration Centre, Harare & Zimbabwe Arb.Assoc.

Oct. 8-11    AAA 'First National Neutrals' Retreat.'  Orlando, Florida.

Oct. 12-16   IWBL 'Negotiating, Drafting and Executing International
             Contracts: Study of a Mock Case.'   Paris.

Oct. 15-17   SPIDR Annual Int'l Conference. Portland, Oregon, USA.

Oct. 20-22   Three day arbitration conference.
             Central European University, Budapest.
Oct. 23-25   European Branch CIArb, Biannual Meeting.   Budapest.
             Contact Eugen Salpius   fax +43.662.633.0033.

Oct. 30      Fifteenth Annual Joint AAA/ICC/ICSID Colloquium.  Paris.
             Details: ICC Institute of World Business Law.

Nov. 13      Second IBA International Arbitration Day. Dusseldorf, Germany.
             IBA, ICC, LCIA & DIS.  Long-term construction and infra-
             structure projects.       Contact IBA  (
Nov. 14      Traditional-style LCIA symposium, Dusseldorf.

Nov. 26-27   IWBL, International Arbitration Practice Workshop.  Paris.

Dec. 2-3     Geneva Global Arbitration Forum.

Feb. 17-20   CIArb, Conference.  Cancun, Mexico.

Mar.  1-5    XIIIth Meeting. International Congress of Maritime
             Arbitrators.  Auckland.
             fax, Convention Management Services, on: +64-9.360.1980

Nov. 17-18   CIArb, Millennium Conference. QEII Conference Centre, London.

July 14-16   ABA, Dispute Resolution Section, meeting, London.
             See ABA-DRS below for contact details.
July 18-20   A.B.A. Annual Meeting, London.

             ICCA Conference, London.

Please CONFIRM all details directly with organisers, the above material is drawn from various sources and should not be relied on by itself(!).

contact details for frequently  cited organisations:
ABA     American Bar Association.  tel +1-312-988-5000. For www see
        Directory, below.     but NOTE the Section on Disputet NOTE the Section on Dispute Resolution's
        contact is based in Chicago:
ABA-SDR American Bar Association, Section on Dispute Resolution.
        telephone:  +1-202-662-1680
CIArb  see Internet Directory below.
       EXCEPT CIArb Branch meetings: contact person named in the Diary.
LCIA   (London)  t: 00441-719.363.530, f: 00441-719.363.533



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EA is published as a simple text newsletter. No attempt has been made to format, or 'style' the back-issues reproduced here.
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