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                                                         March, 20th, 1998.

                                                 Publisher Michael Chapman.

1. Talking Point.
2. Diary of Events.
3. Directory.
4. News items.

  &nbt>     The total volume of basic source materials will increase dramatically, predicted the late Gillis Wetter, when looking forward ten years, in 1993.
     We are now five years into those ten years, and the prediction is proving unerringly accurate. For the practitioner, as well as for the student, this poses two problems. Both problems are to do with 'finding' the materials.
     Where does one find collections of arbitral materials? In many countries the institutional collections are on a one-by-one basis dwarfed by private collections. This is perhaps to be expected if there is no long tradition of scholarship associated with arbitration in a particular country. As scholarship and research do take root, in some places on stonier soil than others, then material will accumulate -if always to be sadly lacking in the breadth of their more historical elements. For the moment though the beacons seem few, in The Hague the Asser Instituut and Peace Palace libraries, in New York the AAA library, in Italy the Milan chamber, ...  At least one 'diplomatic' library has a collection on commercial arbitration (mainly one suspects for comparison with inter-state arbitration) that would outrank many libraries claiming specialist arbitration collections!
     How does one search the material there is? The bibliographing anThe bibliographing and abstracting of material has traditionally lagged well behind its accumulation in academic and professional establishments. Happily colleagues at Milan have been at work on this project for some years. The results are beginning to appear on the Kluwer arbitration site. Indices do not need to be electronic, but the Internet does provide an accessible and easily up-datable means of disseminating bibliographic information.
     Having, though, identified the article or book one needs, will it have to be ordered remotely and arrive (either as photocopy, or more likely as an electronic copy) without the original ever being seen? That is undoubtedly speedy and 'progress', but it will be sad if electronic document delivery prevents the establishment and growth of, if not regional, then at least strong national collections of arbitral source materials.

                 sp;       ++++++++++++++++++++++


 All contributions to this DIARY are welcome. It is both for the individual arbitrator and for those who plan meetings.
 Generally, listed meetings will be at least half-day and usually full day events. Evening meetings are likely to be only of local interest.
 The emphasis is European: However to help in scheduling, major world events are listed.

                PLEASE see important note below,
                 before using any of this info.


March 30     WIPO Training Programme on Domain Name Dispute Resolution
March 31     Procedures. (Two, one-day programmes.) North Carolina, USA.

Apr. 2-4     'Resolving Disputes in the Global Marketplace.'
             Washington.  ABA-SDR.

April 6      WIPO Training Programme on Domain Name Dispute Resolution
April 7      ;     Procedures.    (Three, one-day programmes.)
April 8      WIPO, Geneva.

April 14                                            : New York
April 15     Spotlight on the ICC and the 1998 Rules: Washington
April 17                                            : San Francisco

April 23-25  Patent Alternative Dispute Resolution. Prof Irving Kayton.
             Naples, Florida, USA.

May 4-6      ICCA Biennial Conference, Paris.  fax: 00+46-8-723.0176.

May 7        'The Need for Speed: The Acceleration of International
             Arbitration'. Meeting in honour of Michel Gaunour of Michel Gaudet.
             ICC, Paris.

May 8-10     LCIA European Council. (Fourth Tylney Hall Symposium).
             Tylney Hall, Hampshire, England.

May 15-17    European Branch CIArb. Biannual Conference.
             Annecy.    Michele Patocchi, fax +41.22.319.0600.

May 21-22    Court of International Commercial Arbitration. Seminar in
             celebration of 45th anniversary. Mangalia, Romania.
             fax +40-171.837.4185

June 3-6     CIArb, Annual Conference.  Birmingham.

June 5       The New LCIA Rules and London as an Arbitration Site.
             King's College, London.    LCIA.

June 10      '40 years of the New York Convention', United Nations,New York

June 15-19 

June 15-19   International Commercial Arbitration: Study of a Mock Case.
             IIBLP, Paris.

June 24-28   International Conference on Arbitration and Maritime Law.
             Spanish Maritime Arbitration Association, Barcelona.
             fax :  +34-3.482.7158

July 3-5     'Changing International Arbitration Landscape in the Next
             Millennium'. Singapore Institute of Arbitration.
             fax:  +65-468.8510

July 24-26   'The Decade Ahead.'  Arbitrators and Mediators Institute of
             New Zealand.  Annual meeting, Wellington.
             fax Penelope Austin, on:  00+64-4-385.7224.

Sept. 12-13  LCIA North American Council Symposium, Whistler, Vancouver.
Sept. 13-18  IBA Biennial Conference, Vancouver. ancouver.

Sept. 23-24  ICC 'Geneva Business Dialogue'.
Sept. 24-25  Colloque 75e Anniversaire. International Court of Arbitration
             of the ICC. Geneva.

Sept. 24-25  American Bar Association, Dispute Resolution Section.
             'Arbitration: Preparing for the 21st Century.'  New York.

Oct. 8-11    AAA 'First National Neutrals' Retreat.'  Orlando, Florida.

Oct. 12-16   IIBLP 'Negotiating, Drafting and Executing International
             Contracts: Study of a Mock Case.'   Paris.

Oct. 15-17   SPIDR Annual Int'l Conference. Portland, Oregon, USA.

Oct. 20-22   Three day arbitration conference.
             Central European University, Budapest.
Oct. 23-25   European Branch CIArb, Biannual Meeting.   Budapest.
             Contact Eugen Salpius   fax +43.662.633.0033.

Oct. 30  &nbsOct. 30      Fifteenth Annual Joint AAA/ICC/ICSID Colloquium.  Paris.
             Details: IIBLP.

Nov. 13      Second IBA International Arbitration Day. Dusseldorf, Germany.
             IBA, ICC, LCIA & DIS.  Long-term construction and infra-
             structure projects.       Contact IBA  (
Nov. 14      Traditional-style LCIA symposium, Dusseldorf.

Nov. 26-27   IIBLP, International Arbitration Practice Workshop.  Paris.

Mar.  1-5    XIIIth Meeting. International Congress of Maritime
             Arbitrators.  Auckland.
             fax Convention Management Services on: +64-9.360.1980

Please CONFIRM all details directly with organisers, the above material is drawn from various sources and should not be relied on by ituld not be relied on by itself(!).

contact details for frequently  cited organisations:
ABA     American Bar Association.  tel +1-312-988-5000. For www see
        Directory, below.     but NOTE the Section on Dispute Resolution's
        contact is based in Chicago:
ABA-SDR American Bar Association, Section on Dispute Resolution.
        telephone:  +1-202-662-1680
CIArb  see Internet Directory below.
       EXCEPT CIArb Branch meetings: contact person named in the Diary.
IIBLP   The ICC Institute of International Business Law and Practice.
        fax: +33-
LCIA   (London)  t: 00441-719.363.530, f: 00441-719.363.533


The next 'full' Directory appears in EA27 (and the last was in EA24). This edition's contains contact details for bodies ment details for bodies mentioned in the Diary, new entrants, amended entries, etc.

American Arbitration Association

American Bar Association  (ABA)

CIArb:   Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (London)

European Arbitration:

IBA:     International Bar Association

ICC:     International Chamber of Commerce (Paris)

Kluwer Law International 'Arbitration Site'

LCIA: &nbs>

LCIA:    Homepage:

SPIDR    E-mail:

WIPO     E-mail:



Budapest Meetings :
   A joint course giving an introduction to arbitration is to be held in Budapest this autumn.
   A three day introduction to international commercial arbitration will be presented for university teachers and legal professionals. The venue will be the Eastern Central European University. Commencing on October 20th, the course will cover: fundamental rules, arbitration clauses, arbitral procedure, national laws governing arbitration, the UNCITRAL Model Law (MAL), enforcement under the New York Convention, the rules of the ICC, the rules of the LCIA, ad hoc arbitration, the UNCITRAL arbitration rules (UAR), the rules ofles (UAR), the rules of the Budapest Institute of International Arbitration, and, the enforcement of awards.
   The course is being organised with the assistance of the Institution for Constitutional and Legislative Policy (Budapest),the ICC, the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce, and the LCIA by Dr Eugen Salpius, chairman of the CIArb European Branch.
   The course will run from the Tuesday to the Thursday, immediately before the European Branch meeting. The latter commences with dinner on the Friday evening. The Saturday being devoted to a mock arbitration, which participants at the course will be invited to attend.
   Whilst the Saturday is common to both events, the Sunday morning will be devoted to a meeting of the Branch.
   (The Saturday dinner, October 24th, is at the Gundel restaurant.)

Kluwer have announced the following imminent titles. We hope to carry details of prices, pages lengths once published:
* A Guide to the New ICC Rules of Arbitration - Yves Derains,
  Eric Schwartz,  Publication date: April/May 1998
* The English Arbitration Act 1996: Text and Notes - Martin Hunter,
  Toby Landau, ISBN: 90-411-0585-9, Publication date: April/May 1998.
  This is the >  This is the first number of a new series:  Arbitration Legislation:
  Text and Notes.
Werner Publishing, creators of the Journal of International Arbitration have announced a new title  'The Journal of World Intellectual Property'. " More than real estate or mineral resources, intellectual property is becoming the most precious asset of our time. And defining and protecting it on the global market-place is one of the most challenging areas of law today; an areas whose importance is growing by the week. " Six issues a year, of 180-200 pp each. 430 CHF (330 USD). Contact:

The International Computer Law Observer
The ICLO is an e-mail report providing monthly coverage of legal developments relating to computers, technology and the Internet. An article from ICLO was quoted in our last issue (EA25).
I now give subscription details, omitted then:
To subscribe to the ICLO, send an e-mail to with "subscribe lawobserver" (without the quotation marks) in the message area.
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EA is published as a simple text newsletter. No attempt has been made to format, or 'style' the back-issues reproduced here.
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