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                                                       May 23rd, 1997.

CONTENTS                                      Publisher Michael Chapman.
1.  Talking points.

2.  Diary of Arbitral Events.

3.  Directory

4.  News items.

5.  Letters.




  Comparative Costs.
 Comparisons can be invidious. The more so if the items compared do not stand comparison. However one of our correspondents (EA14) queried both the range in cost-per-page of textbooks and the value-for-money that courses and meetings provide.
 In editing a collection of institutional rules I studiously attempted to try and edit out fee schedules. There were three reasons for this. Firstly the bases for fees vary that widely comparison is difficult. (I did prepare a limited circulation report for four readers recently, it had more caveats than table entries!) Secondly over emphasis on certain prices can force service providers to quote optimistic prices for these items and use other fee items to 'top up' -in no-one's interests. Thirdly, space.
 Arbitral meetings are perhaps a little easier.
 On three consecutive weekends this May: the LCIA held its European Council Symposium (Tylney Hall, Hampshire, England, May 2-4); the CIArb its Advanced International Arbitration Practice Weekend (London, May 9-11); and the European Branch of the CIArb its biannual meeting (Strasbourg, May 16-18th). All three meetings ran from Friday evening to Sunday lunchtime. Two nights accommodation, two breakfasts, two lunches and two dinners are certainly needed, though are variously booking 'options'. Taking thosoptions'. Taking those options and summing them for a single delegate the following results are obtained.
  Tylney Hall       GBP 660-62
  London            GBP 612-50
  Strasbourg        GBP 360-60
 It should be noted that  more modest accommodation adjacent to Tylney Hall was possible (at a saving of 130 pounds). Delegates could book their own hotel rather than the meeting hotel in London and the London meeting calculated price _omits Sunday lunch_ (what no gourmands?). The Strasbourg meeting was priced in FRF and has been converted to sterling (rather conservatively at 8,5FRF=1GBP).
 The variation in spouses programmes was such that no 'double' price is easily calculated.
 Price is no marker of quality and/or never use price as the
guide in selecting fire extinguishers or parachutes ...            EA.

[Since submission of the above, which had been held over until after the three meetings, anyway, it has come to the Editor's notice that the London meeting is postponed to the autumn. However it is still hoped that the above will promote reflection/discussion. It has not failed to cross your editor's mind that localised differe that localised differences in hotel prices are perhaps the key factor in the above(!).   .... and, whatever, how does one compare the ambience of Tylney Hall, the convenience of London, or the charm of Srasbourg?]



 All contributions to this DIARY are welcome. It is both for the individual arbitrator and for those who plan meetings.
 Generally, listed meetings will be at least half-day and usually full day events. Evening meetings are likely to be only of local interest.
 The emphasis is European: However to help in scheduling, major world events are listed.

                PLEASE see important note below,
                 before using any of this info.

May 30-31    Arbitration in Maritime and Transport Disputes, Hamburg.
             Contact: IBA.

May 31-      Mediation in der Arbeitswelt.  Frankfurt-a-M. Mediation e.V
  June 1     Tilman Metzger, 0049-4131-682002.

June 2-3     IIBLP, Paris. International Arbitration Practice
             Workshop III. (IAP III.)
June 5-6     IAP IV.  5see previous entry for IAP III.)

June 4       ICC International Court of Arbitration, Paris.
             'The New 1988 ICC Rules of Arbitration.'

June  6-7    Workshop for Arbitrators.    WIPO, Geneva.

June 11-13   IBA 50th Anniversary Meeting (New York).

July 3       Construction Dispute resolution Conference. Chaired by
             Lord Justice Otton, with contributions from John Barber,
             Michael Reynolds, Richard Saxon, Fiona Hammond, and others
             Contact CLT on fax: +44-121-355-5517.

July 13-18   International Commercial Arbitration.
       &nbp;         five-day residential seminar. Reading, England.  SGICC.

July 25-27   Dispute Resolution at Home and Abroad.  Arbitrators &
             Mediators Institute of New Zealand.  Fax: 00+64-4-385.7224.

Sept. 25     IBA International Arbitration Day (New York).

Sept. 25-27  The Evolution of Dispute Resolution. SPIDR's 25th
             Anniversary.  Orlando, Florida.

Sept. 26     IX Milan Colloquium of Arbitrators.  Chamber of National
             and Int'l Arbitration, Milan.  Fax: 00+39-2-8515.4384.

Sept.26-28   CIArb, Annual Conference.  Garden House Hotel, Cambridge.
             'Skills for the Modern Arbitrator."

September    LCIA North American Council Symposium. ?Washington
             or New York.

Oct.31-Nov.2 European Branch CIArb. Conference. Athens, Greece.
                 contact:  George Economou  f: 00+3014182021

Oct.31-Nov.2 LCIA Asia-Pacific Council Symposium, New Delhi.

Nov. 2-7     IBA section meetings (New Delhi).

May 4-6      Biennial Conference, Paris.   ICCA: fax: 00+46-8-723.0176.

June 3-6     CIArb, Annual Conference.  Birmingham.

Feb. 17-20   CIArb, Conference.  Cancun, Mexico.

Nov. 17-18   CIArb, Millenium Conference. QEII Conference Centre, London.

Please CONFIRM all details directly with organisers, the above material is drawn from various sources and should not be relied on by itself(!).

contact details for frequently  cited organisations:
CIArb  see Internet Directory below.
       EXCEPT CIArb Branch meetings: contact person named in the Diary.
ICC-Asia  see Internet Directory below.
LCIA   (London)  t: 00441-719.363.530, f: 00441-719.363.533
SGICC  Study Group for Int'l Commercial Contracts.
    >       (London)  t: 00441-817-857-050  f: 00441-817-857-649
WIPO   (Geneva)  t: 0041-22-730.9111,  f: 0041-22-733.5428



CIArb:   Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (London)

CIArb East Anglia Branch:

European Arbitration:
         backissues on:

HKIAC    Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre

IBA:     International Bar Assop; International Bar Association

ICC:     International Chamber of Commerce (Paris)

ICC-Asia:  ICC Regional Office for Asia (Hong Kong)

Institute of Arbitrators of Australia:

LCIA:    Homepage:

SPIDR    Homepage:



European statutes:
 My thanks to those who responded with information. The replies are still being collated. A full tabulation, ated. A full tabulation, with acknowledgements to those who provided information will be published. (The full tabulation will also include bibliographic citations of sources of the relevant statutes, where these are available.)
 The following is an interim listing in the hope of provoking further responses.

  Jurisdiction          Statute

  ALDERNEY              The Arbitration (Ald.) Law, 1983
  BELGIUM               CJ 1676-1723
  ENGLAND               The Arbitration Acts 1950, 1996    (D=I)
  FAROE ISLANDS         (NYC under Denmark)
  FRANCE                D: C.civ. art.2059-2061, NCPC art.1440-1491.

                        I: NCPC 1492-1507
  GERMANY               ZPO 1025-1048
  GREECE                CCP as modified by Order 958 of Sept 15, 1971.
  GUERNSEY              The Arbitration (Guern.) Law, 1982
  HOLY SEE              no statute? (but NYC signatory)
  IRELAND               The Arbitration Acts 1954, 1980.
  ISLE OF MAN           The Arbitration Act 1976
  ITALY                 Code of Civil Procedure  CPC art. 806-840.(5jan94)
                        G+D:  806-831  &nb6-831        I:  832-838.
  JERSEY                no statute (NYC under United Kingdom)
  LIECHTENSTEIN         ZPO  (various sections)
  MALTA                (Geneva Convention but not NYC?)
  MONACO               (NYC)
  NETHERLANDS          CCP 1020-1076   (1986)     (D=I)
  SAN MARINO           (NYC)
  SCOTLAND             The Arbitration (Scotland) Act, 1894
                       The Law Reform (Misbsp; The Law Reform (Misc.Prov.) Act, 1972
                       The Arbitration Acts 1975, 1996
  SPAIN                Ley de Arbitraje 36/1988 de 5 de Diciembre.
  SWITZERLAND          I:  PIL art. 176-194
                       D:  Concordat
  VATICAN              see HOLY SEE
  WALES                see ENGLAND


  G      general provisions relating to arbitration
  D      provisions relating to Domestic arbitration
  I      provisions relating to International arbitration
  D=I    generally no distinction between domestic and

         international arbitration

Personal News:
 M.A. Polkinghorne, founding Newsletter editor of the European Branch of the CIArb, became a partner at Coudert Brothers, in their Vietnam offices, on January 1st. Congratulations Michael.



British Arbitration Act 1996
The Department of Trade and Industry have published a free booklet that contains:
  Departmental Advisory Committee;
        Report on the Arbitration Bill of February 1996
        Supplementary Report on the Arbitration Act 1996
  The new Rules of the Supreme Court Order 73 (Applications
        relating to Arbitration).  This includes the new
        Arbitration Application form.
  The High Court and County Courts (Allocation of
        Arbitration Proceedings) Ordrbitration Proceedings) Order 1996.
  The Arbitration Act 1996 (Commencement No 1) Order 1996.
Copies may be obtained by faxed request to Paul Lennon of
the DTI on 0171 215 3244.
Cliff Dilloway
   Stroud, UK
Tue, 29 Apr 1997 19:50 GMT

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EA is published as a simple text newsletter. No attempt has been made to format, or 'style' the back-issues reproduced here.
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