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                                                     January 31st, 1996.

1.  Introduction

2.  Diary of Arbitral Events.

3.  News items.



                                                     January 31st, 1996.

        In the latest edition of the Newsletter of the European Branch of
the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators I promised to distribute a 'Diary of
Events' similar to that in the Newsletter, on a more frequent basis, by
electronic mail.
        This is it.
        As it seems contrary to the spirit of the 'Net to restrict
distribution to Branch Members, and as so far it seems that a minority of
Branch members are on the Internet, I have decided to produce this
'publication' as a parrallel (rather than Branch) venture.
:        It was conceived as a simple diary of events, but before it had been
typed-up, there was 'other' material worthy of putting alongside the diary.
On reflection therefore this will be a combination of both 'diary' and
'freetext' material.
        Contributions to both sections are welcome. The intention is to
produce European Arbitration on at least a monthly basis.
                                                  Michael CHAPMAN



        All contributions to this DIARY are welcome. It is intended both to
be of use to the individual arbitrator in Europe and also to those that have
to plan or schedule meetings.
        Generally, listed meetings will be of at least half-a-day's and more
likely a full day's duration. Evening meetings, etc., are only likely to be
of geographically local interest.
        Also -subject to reader feedback- the emphasis is European. Trying
to cover one of the World's regions is considered ambitious enough! However
:as the Diary is intended to help in scheduling meetings, it will include
major world events (no neat definition of that, editor's subjectivity I

All these dates are 1996:                PLEASE see important note bels are 1996:                PLEASE see important note below,
-------------------------                  before using any of this info.

March 29    Conference on Mediation, World Intellectual Property
            Organisation, Geneva.  (t:0041-22-730.9111, f: -733.5428)

April 6-7        (Easter weekend)

April 27-
  May 1     Mediation Course, Buckinghamshire, England.
            (European Network for Dispute Resolution, contact
            Burt Campbell t:0033-9062.4308, f:0033-9062.3882)

May 3-5     LCIA European Council Symposium Tylney Hall, Hampshire,
            England.  London Court of International Arbitration .
            (t: 00441-714-178.228, f:-178.404)

May 23      Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. Branch Officers' Meeting,
:            London. -internal ('closed') administrative meeting.

May 23      Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Annual General Meeting,
            London. (Members' formal business meeting.)
            t: (00441-718-374.483, f: -374.185.)

May 24-26   European Branch of the CIArb. Biannual Meeting, Lille.
            Friday evening until Sunday lunchtime.
            Open to all members of the CIArb.
            Contact: M Chapman on:

May 28-29   Mediation Training, WIPO, Geneva (see next entry for details).
May 30-31   Mediation Training, World Intellectual Property
            Organisation, Geneva.  (t:0041-22-730.9111, f: -733.5428)

June 13-16  Institute of International Business Law and Practice (of
            the International Chamber of Commerce) Workshop on:
            "International Commercial Arbitration", Paris. (contact:
            t: 00331-4953-2921, -2867 or 2853, f: -2938.)

June 13-15  Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, Annual Meeting, Penshurst
            Place, Kent, England. (t: 00441-718.374-483, f: -185, and also
:            see: http:\\ourworld\compuserve\homepages\hartwell )

June 19     CIArb / LCIA / Worshipful Company of Arbitrators.
            'Cost Effective Arbitration - Meeting the User's Needs'.
            London.  (For conatct details of CIArb and LCIA see
            elsewhere in this listing.)

June 24-28  International Congress of Maritime Arbitrators, Paris.
            (contact LMAA, London Maritime Arbitrators' Association.)

June 27-28  London Court of International Arbitration, Conference and
            Symposium.   Bermuda.

September 26-28
            Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, Conference.
            Boston, U.S.A. (http:\\ourworld\compuserve\homepages\hartwell)

October 18-20
            London Court of International Arbitration. European Council
            Symposium, Potsdam, Germany. (t: 00441-714-178.228,

?November   European Branch of the CIArb. Biannual Meeting, Rome.
:            _possible_ dates: November 9th-10th.
            Open to all members of the CIArb.
            Contact: Dr.Ing. Renato Casalotti  (t/f: 0039-2.55700500)

Please CONFIRM all details directly with organisers, the above material is
drawn from various sources and should not be relied on by itself(!).

NO apologies are made for meetings omitted. If this Diary is to be
efficacious it needs your contributions, please. (In the same format as
above to:



CIArb Branch Meeting at Lille:
        This meeting will take place in the centre of Lille in the Couvent
des Minimes, now converted into a four star hotel, but retaining the
architectural charm of the building.
:        The format will be in line with the trend of the previous eight
Branch meetings -that of 'round table' discussions, these may be led off by
a short prepared paper by one of the members. The meeting's organiser is
seeking suggestions for discussion topics. Please contact him as below.
        The meeting commences with dinner on Friday evening. Discussion
sessions take place on the Saturday and Sunday mornings (with alternative
arrangements then for accompanying persons). Saturday afternoon will be a
group 'outing'. The meeting concludes with lunch on Sunday.
        Pricings, booking details, etc. should be available in the first
week of February.
        This should be an excellent social, as well as 'academic', weekend.
Lille is only about one hour from Paris and Brussels and two hours from
                                       contact: mch                      contact:

'Construction and Engineering Law':
     is a new construction law newsletter, edited by Michael Reynolds
(English solicitor and Fellow of the CIArb). Michael was for many years on
the editorial board of the CIArb's journal 'Arbitration'.
     He is looking for contributions (500-1000ww).
     The first edition is due for April.

Resolving cross-border disputes between SME's:
        The European Network for Dispute Resolution EEIG (the GEIE 'Reseau
Europeen d'Arbitrage et Mediation) finalised rules for:
                Mediation ('Euromediation'), and
                Small Claims Arbitration (or European Network Fast
                        Arbitration -'ENFA')
at a meeting in Turin in January. These rules will be submitted to a meeting
of the board of gerants of the EEIG in Paris in February for final approval.
        Schemes will then be established to allow 'small and medium sized
enterprises' to avail themselves of mediation-arbitration or arbitration to
resolve their disputes. It is intended to have such schemes in operation
during 1996.
        As a further step in this process individuals from ENDR members will
be attending a mediation course in England in April/May.
                     further details: Burt Campbell, fax: 0033-9062.3882

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EA is published as a simple text newsletter. No attempt has been made to format, or 'style' the back-issues reproduced here.
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